Bio Konstantin Ruchadze

Konstantin was born in Moscow into the family of a Soviet-journalist/writer and opera-singer. The head of the Ruchadze family clan in those days was his grandfathers brother N. A. Ruchadze Georgian minister of State Security and personal friend of Joseph Stalin.

Coming from this background, Konstantin has however, evolved in a completely different direction, contrary to his family heritage. From his early days he felt a natural inexplicable aversion against establishment, along with a deep urge for adventure - true qualities of a free spirit.

As a child learning to sing classical music from his mother and writing poetry while in pre-school, he soon won several singing and lyricist awards. When his mother took him with her to Prague to join her second husband, Konstantin for the first time, listened to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Soul music and Rhythm & Blues.

Konstantin decided to become a professional musician. After a few years as a lead singer and bass player, he was fronting a very popular Rhythm & Blues group, Ruchadze Band. His growing popularity however, resulted in serious clashes with Communist authorities in Czechoslovakia.

To play Western music under a Communist rule meant to look for big trouble and becoming stigmatized as an ideological enemy. Due to this fact, Konstantin went through periods of performance bans and constant threats of Soviet-exile. He became determined to emigrate to the West.

By accepting an offer for an Austrian tour, Konstantin left for Vienna, where he was granted political asylum.

He studied for sometime at the Academy of Music, while playing with such musicians as Peter Wolf (Frank Zappas Mothers of Invention, now a top producer in USA), Kurt Hauenstein (Supermax), Brad Howell (Wilson Pickett) and virtuoso Vienna-gypsy guitarist Harri Stojka.

Konstantin later moved to Amsterdam and became a founder of the legendary Goblet Band a very popular fusion group. After five years of fruitful cooperation and two unreleased recordings, he left for Spain, where during a four-year period he learned about the art of Flamenco from Spanish gypsies.

Following his Spanish adventure, Konstantin came back to Amsterdam, to start a new project Hot Bolshevik, together with top Dutch musicians. Later, Hot Bolshevik grew into a real cosmopolitan project, where many musicians with different musical backgrounds cooperated together to create a truly unique sound.

While writing and playing with Hot Bolshevik he recorded three cds Post Cold War Groove (receiving a great review in the American Bass Player magazine), ReCover (getting a very positive review in the Dutch Music Maker) and recently, Amsterdamn Blues. Simultaneously, he recorded other projects (press discography button). Aside from Hot Bolshevik, Konstantin has played with such celebrities of the Dutch music scene as Jan Akkerman and Candy Dulfer.

During his pre-Spanish Dutch period, Konstantin manifested his unique talents to compose, arrange and write lyrics. It has resulted in many extraordinary compositions, arrangements, and lyrics for Goblet Band, Hot Bolshevik, Black Rose (a project with singer F. Duval) and currently, for his new Czech project - Ruchadze Band/Amsterdam Beyond. With this band he has recorded two outstanding albums - Adventurer (2007) and Around the World in Space and Time (2011). At the same time he has recorded four solo projects - double cd The Hymn Forever (2008), cd Upstream Hermit (2013) and two single projects - Swan Lake Romance (2009) and God Save Our Love (2011).